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Hospitality Industry

Welcome to LodgingGuide's hospitality industry listings for the Lima area.

The museums of Lima along the Pacific coast contain most of the surviving treasures of the ancient Inca race, along with many relics of the Wari, Moche, Nazca, Paracas, Chavin and other pre-Inca civilizations which preceded them for thousands of years. Although the Inca-Spanish lineage is the dominant Peruvian culture, Oriental, African, other Indoamerican and European immigrants also have contributed to the present Peruvian society, evident in the local cuisine and haunting Andean music which incorporate many international elements along with Peru’s own unique Criolla traditions. Many of the roads which the Incas built have survived, including the most famous stone hiking trail through the Andes Mountains and Cusco cloud forest to the mysterious city of Machu Picchu. Peru occupies most of the northwestern quadrant of South America, and consists of a diverse array of coastal landscapes, a mountainous region providing every type of climate, and interposed between them an immense tropical jungle of rare flora and fauna.

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· Lima · San Isidro
Hotels located in the greater Lima area. Hotels located in Lima in the San Isidro area.
· Surrounding Communities    
Hotels located in surrounding communities including the Cusco, Puerto Maldonado and Urubama areas.  

Area Facts: Lima is the capital of Peru, which is the third largest nation in South America, and one of the twenty largest nations of the world. The international area code for Peru is 51.

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